Golf Course Rules

Below are the mini golf course rules that apply to all three of the Paradise Adventure Golf courses, Cancun Lagoon, Molten Mountain and Mutiny Bay.

1. No more than 5 in a group.

2. All players must hit first shot, then proceed to your ball.

3. 5 stroke limit

4. If ball leaves the green, replace ball one club head from point of departure.

5. Place ball one club head away if ball is pinned against the side rail.

6. Play each hole in turn. No skipping holes.

7. Please do not hit clubs on rocks, greens, plant life, or each other!

8. Please remain on sidewalks and greens and stay out of planted areas.

9. Place all trash in containers.

10. Paradise Golf Adventures take you on uneven terrain and may increase the risk of injury from a fall. Please pay attention, and watch your step. Refrain from horseplay or foul language.

11. Rain Checks only! No Cash Refunds.

12. Have fun!

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