Cancun Lagoon Mini Golf

Enter the ancient Mayan Temple of Ek-Wayeb-Chak (Chak), the God of Lightning and Thunder. According to legend, the warrior kind Pakal devised a ritual game to appease Chak’s fierce anger, thus avoiding being devoured by the Mayan gods destructive thunderstorms. Your presence on these sacred grounds does not make Chak happy and you risk the wrath of his anger. However, Pakal was buried in the sarcophagus of this temple to protect you on your journey… …but you will still need to watch for snakes, spiders and booby traps!!!

Cancun Lagoon Mayan Adventure offers 27 holes of play within the great temple. Enjoy a fantastic and creative miniature golf course while playing both inside and outside. Experience the Air Conditioned life in a pyramid as you play inside and outside, within the temple walls, through ancient artifacts, and around waterfalls, while challenging yourself on holes built for the gods. Educational facts about the Mayan culture and ancient Mayan Hieroglyphics can be discovered at every hole. The exclusive Mischief Spinner Game adds an original, exciting and unpredictable twist to your miniature golf experience and can be found both inside and outside Cancun Lagoon.

During your adventure, the god of lightning and thunder will demonstrate his power through the Cancun Lagoon special effects thunder and lightning show!!! Watch as Chak manifests a thunderstorm right in the heart of the temple!

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