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The Story of Paradise Adventure Golf began back in 1989 when Richard Marks of Myrtle Beach along with the support of the family (wife Pat, and son Tim), transformed his traditional construction business (Marks Construction of SC Inc.) into the specialized field of miniature golf design and construction. Over the next few years the creative designs and fun he had building these treasures grew and grew. An opportunity to build a facility of his own was always in the back of his mind and in 1991 he build his first privately owned course Hawaiian Rumble. In 1993 he sold the business and continued to build for other all over the country.

Ten years had passed and he and his son Tim found themselves with an opportunity to own their own course again so starting on a napkin at dinner the concept and construction of Mutiny Bay Golf (2001) began. Two years later a second location Cancun Lagoon (2003) was built by the family and both stores were operated by Tim and office affairs were handled by Pat Marks.

In 2006 Molten Mountain was the last of the three Marks owned miniature golf courses built. The Marks family has grown from three to six today as Tim and his wife Leigh Ann who is now the company CFO, has two children Hayden (8) and Addison (5) who are the real treasures of the family.

The Marks continued to venture even further into family entertainment in 2010 with the construction of their 41,000 square foot family entertainment center Fun Warehouse, which features Laser Tag, Arcade, Skating, Inflatables, and Pizza. The family loves the entertainment business as you can probably tell, and although the construction company doesn’t build as much as it once did the excitement of smiling family faces continues to fuel their endeavors. Richard and the entire Marks family certainly appreciate your business and support throughout all of these years and hope you will continue to enjoy our facilities.

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