About Paradise Adventure Golf

Paradise Adventure Golf offers 3 premier locations along the Grand Strand. All 3 locations are action packed and offer multiple courses you wont forget!

Molten Mountain is the area’s only 18 hole all indoor (Air Conditioned) and 18 hole outdoor courses that feature a 50’ volcano located in the south pacific which erupts with fire and steamy fun and excitement every 30 minutes. Its sure to make you feel like your golf game is on fire!

Cancun Lagoon is our 27 hole indoor (Air Conditioned) – outdoor adventure that features a 50’ replica of an ancient Mayan pyramid where the gods of thunder and lightning oversee your play! Don’t make the gods angry or you will hear the thunder and see the lightning!

Mutiny Bay is our 36 hole all outdoor adventure that features a battle every 30 minutes of the pirates of the Caribbean. With two mini golf courses, the fun never ends! All locations offer handicap accessibility and we offer special rates to our veterans.

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